Call to Artists

This call is not just for’s for anyone who wants to take the Get Rid of a 1,000 Things Challenge to experience what creativity is unleashed by doing the purging process. I am looking for people who want to be included in the book Get Rid of a 1,000 Things Challenge – The Key to Unleashing Creativity. My assumption is that the process of going through our belonging – one by one – will bring up memories, emotions, and revelations. I would like the people willing to take this challenge to keep track of what comes up for them. Since the premise of the book is to unleash the creative process, I would also like them to be aware as they get rid of stuff if there is more time for creativity. I believe this creativity will show up in a number of ways….making home more beautiful, adorning ourselves with the treasures we’ve unearthed, more journaling, crafting and making art. I encourage people to take photos along the way, and of course, pictures of any art they made. I have given myself six months to complete the process and I will ask that of participants. I need to request a deadline in order to create a timeline for the book publication. So are you in??? Come join me in this journey…I know it will be fun and a really meaningful growth experience.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. Charles Mingus